Proving Grounds

  • Bratarina – Proving Grounds Walkthrough

    Bratarina is a Linux-based machine on Offensive Security’s paid subscription, Proving Grounds Practice. Although rated as easy, the Proving Grounds community notes this as Intermediate. This box is also listed on TJ-Null’s OSCP-Like machine, which means it’s great practice for…

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  • Meathead – Proving Grounds Walkthrough

    Meathead is a Windows-based box on Offensive Security’s Proving Grounds. It is rated as Very Hard by the community. The box is also part of the OSCP-Like boxes list created by TJ-Null and is great practice for the OSCP exam.…

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  • MedJed – Proving Grounds Walkthrough

    MedJed is rated as “Hard” by the Offensive Security community. I personally found the box a little bit frustrating as there was a lot of guesswork that was done, especially in the early stages of the box. Nevertheless, it’s always…

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  • Jacko – Proving Grounds Walkthrough

    Jacko is part of the Proving Grounds paid subscription, Practice. It’s also part of the OSCP like boxes list, which means it is great to practice on for those trying to study up and prepare for the OSCP certification. This…

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  • Authby – Proving Grounds Walkthrough

    AuthBy is rated “Hard” by the OffSec community. This box provided some unique experience’s and you will go away from this box with some new skills. Start our nmap sudo nmap -sV -sC -p- -oN nmap/authbyfull -v Let’s start…

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  • Slort – Proving Grounds Walkthrough

    Slort is available on Proving Grounds Practice, with a community rating of Intermediate. It also a great box to practice for the OSCP. As always we start with our nmap. sudo nmap -sC -sV -p- FTP is not accepting…

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  • Nickel – Proving Grounds Walkthrough

    Nickel is rated by the Proving Grounds community as “very hard”. It also listed as one of the best boxes to practice on for the OSCP certification. We start as always, with our nmap. We start with NMAP. sudo nmap…

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  • Best Resources for OSCP

    OSCP Like Boxes on Proving Grounds

    Proving Grounds, a CTF environment maintained by Offensive Security, has shown to be a great place to help prepare the OSCP certification. Whilst Proving Grounds has over 70 boxes, there is a handful that you can concentrate on and are…

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