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TryHackme has released a new learning path! For the purpose of rapidly introducing Cyber Security trainees to the fundamental skills needed in a fun and friendly way.

The learning path reduces the 33 rooms from the beginner path to 15 rooms, focusing on the important information that one might need to begin in Cyber-Security.

We can understand why TryHackMe has created this condensed path, as the length of the beginners path did lead to a small amount of burn-out through the more complex areas.

To access this training path, go to, TryHackMe.com

Cyber Security Introduction

The Cyber Security Introduction room uses some nice interactive sites to introduce new users to TryHackMe learning. It does this by splitting the browser down the middle and makes it really easy for students to follow the instructions and interact with the activity. The room also discusses the learning paths to progress to once completed, such as the Complete Beginners path, and then depending on your preference, Offensive Pentesting or Cyber Defence.

Network Fundamentals

Once the introduction is completed, the next room Network Fundamentals is split into 5 paths to focus on the nitty gritty aspect of networking. Once again they use a nice mix of direct information and interactive labs to get the information across. There was a small amount of double up over some of the rooms, but this felt more like repeating information for the purpose of learning than unintentional double-ups.

How The Web Works

The next room, How The Web Works is very well placed as it is often something that is over looked after going through the complexities of networking. The understanding of how the web uses networks is a key piece of knowledge when working in cyber security. Again the room is very well put together with many interactive activities to put the theory into practice.

Linux Fundamentals

Moving onto what I think is the best room in the learning path, Linux Fundamentals. Students who are unfamiliar with Linux sometimes tend to shy away. But once you learn its fundamentals, it really is a fantastic operating system, that is increasing in use each year. Broken into 3 parts with interactive virtual machines to complete the activities, take your time to really understand the concepts as it will really help in the future.

Windows Fundamentals

Unfortunately the learning path feels like it finishes with its least interesting room Windows Fundamentals. It has a lot of content in there, and I understand the difficulty with the amount of editions of Windows how hard it is to make a user friendly version of Windows Fundamentals. While it does a really good job or instructing the user on many of the Windows GUI options, I feel that as this is a Pre Security pathway that it could focus a bit more on command prompt and PowerShell. My experience in the Cyber Security industry really focussed on these command based methods. The lack of information about PowerShell really should be addressed in a Windows Fundamentals 3 section.

If you want to learn more about Powershell and its use in incident response, have a look at the series of articles Tom has written about his favourite commands utilising PowerShell for Rapid Incident Response


Overall I think TryHackMe is doing some really great things for the Cyber Security industry by providing an affordable and information rich platform for new and experienced students to hone their skills. This new learning path is a great example that they understand what people want to learn and I hope they continue to evolve their training with the industry.

Once you are a bit further into your cyber security journey, make sure you attempt TryHackMe’s Pickle Rick box, if you run into a problem feel free to use our guide to give you a hint Pickle Rick Tryhackme Walkthrough


Digital forensics experience working within the criminal investigation environment. Working on furthering incident response and pen testing experience in the cyber security environment.
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